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more than 4000 items on more than 300 bands !

from AC/DC to Zappa, the Beatles to U2, passing by Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Slipknot...

Everything or almost on your favorite bands !


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Your RockShop online

The website for rock clothes and accessories

Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, for each of your affinities and for each of the artists and groups you prefer, the MusikMachine online store offers a wide choice of rock clothing and Rock accessories for all and for every taste. Adopt a rock style with our clothing range, assert your preferences by offering yourself a concert poster or a flag bearing the effigy of your favorite rock band, whatever your desires, whether you are a man or a woman, you will find in the MusikMachine merchandising catalog, everything you need and essential to satisfy your passion.

What is a rock style ?

Showing a rock style means choosing decidedly nonconformist outfits that take into consideration your musical preferences, the artists or groups that make you vibrate, but also your own clothing aspirations to create the unique rock look that defines you. With the MusikMachine online store, take care of your style thanks to a wide choice of Rock clothes and accessories that promote your love for rock pioneers such as AC/DC, Metallica, the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. But beyond these rock essentialsmore than 300 artists and groups are referenced at MusikMachine: Cure, Doors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, MotorheadPink Floyd and all the others ...

Which rock accessory to choose to assert my style?

MusikMachine is a range of rock clothing for men or women with sweatshirts, shirts and T-shirts, but also different solutions to accessorize your outfit with a belt buckle, bracelets, badges, cap, patches and backpacks. If you are looking for a Queen T-shirt, an Anarchy sweatshirt, a Union Jack belt buckle or a Iron Maiden cap, whatever your desires, you are sure to find in our MusikMachine online store the Punk clothing or the rock accessory that will make your style unique. Finding a beautiful piece from our selection of patches, punk flags, concert posters, picks and other rock pendants or trouser chains can also allow you to offer original gifts to your loved ones fans of a Heavy band. Metal or Classic Rock. A Led Zeppelin flag for Father's Day, a Slipknot or Ramones T-shirt for a birthday or a Guns n 'Roses puzzle at Christmas, you are sure to please by offering the object or the garment that is missing from the person's collection to pamper.

Why choose the MusikMachine store to buy a rock accessory?

For more than 30 years MusikMachine has offered a wide range of quality products to showcase your passion for your favorite bands! Whether it is finding the rare pearl among our Rock clothes and thus asserting your dress style and your attachment to a style of Rock music or to a particular artist, or to create a universe that resembles you with our choice of posters, stickers, flags, photos or Vintage calendars, the MusikMachine store brings together an assortment of items, each more original than the last. MusikMachine offers you a selection of accessories and Punk, Hard or Metal clothing in the image of your favorite rock bands and famous pop culture artists. The range of possibilities is so wide that you will inevitably find in our store the Pop rock clothing that will enrich your wardrobe, the Classic Rock concert poster that will cover the wall of your office, the patch to sew on your denim jacket or Rock gifts to offer! You are spoiled for choice among our selection of clothing and accessories, or even our collector's items to satisfy your passion and assert your look. More than a Rock accessories store, MusikMachine offers you a new art of living!

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