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Puzzle Rush - A Farewell to Kings
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500 piece Puzzle Rush - A Farewell to Kings 'A Farewell to Kings' is the fifth studio album by Canadian progressive rock band Rush, released in 1977. It was recorded immediately after a 16-month tour in support of the album 2112, at Rockfield studios in Wales, famous for hosting the recording of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody two years prior. The cover design...
Puzzle Rush - Permanent Waves
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500 piece Puzzle Rush - Permanent Waves 'Permanent Waves' is the seventh studio album by Canadian band Rush, released in 1980. It was recorded at the Studio in Quebec, which also hosted bands like The Police, The Bee Gees or David Bowie and Bryan Adams.The cover design is the work of long-time Rush collaborator Hugh Syme. This is a montage from a photo...
Sticker Rush

Sticker Rush

Sticker Rush printed in high resolution, red and black on white background
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