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Duality, Wait and Bleed, Spit it out, Psychosocial, People=Shit, Me inside, The Devil in I...

The group Slipknot has built its notoriety on an alternative metal musical expression in the genre of nu metal. Created in Des Moines, Iowa, the group is known for its stage performances and certainly one of the most recognizable musical representations through the wearing of numbered combinations and very “trash” masks worn by singers and musicians. A look and a bias that greatly contribute to the legend and the very bestial character.
Over the course of the group's career, the emblematic titles have succeeded in sonorities ranging from the most violent to more intimate melodies. Each new album release was marked by the surprise and astonishment of musical pieces often against the grain.

Who is Slipknot?

If the group Slipknot speaks so much to its many fans, it is because it often addresses, according to the albums, social themes such as exclusion, freedom of expression and a whole range of songs which take a look , often acerbic, on society. After multiple dramas concerning the destiny of certain members of the group and various twists and turns in recent years, Slipknot released a new album, the seventh, in September 2022 "The End, So Far" which will have been one of the most anticipated. of the year for nu metal lovers and fans of the band.
Musik Machine could not fail to represent this legendary group through various Rock merchandising products bearing the image of Slipknot.

What Slipknot Merch Rock products does Musik Machine offer online?

If you are one of the millions of fans of the Iowian group from Des Moines and you are looking for Slipknot clothing or accessories, it is on the online rock merchandising store MusikMachine that you will find what all fans can dream of .
A Slipknot T-shirt for women and a Slipknot sweatshirt for men to combine your outfits and participate in a gathering or a concert of your favorite artists! But to perfect your style and your commitment to the music of your idols, we also offer a selection of Slipknot sweaters, Slipknot flags or even a Slipknot jacket among many other fashion accessories.
And if you're the type who wants to decorate your room or accumulate collector's items to the glory of this emblematic nu metal band, then you will also find what you're looking for among a wide range of Slipknot patches, Slipknot flags and also calendars , badges, stickers and other t-shirts bearing the group's logo or the masked faces of its nine members.
Let yourself be guided through the shelves of our Musik Machine online store and immerse yourself in the world of Slipknot, you will undoubtedly find your favorite Slipknot garment or accessory!

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Showing 16 - 30 of 30 items