Secure payment

In order to provide you with the most reliable payment security possible, we have chosen the E-Transactions service. When you opt for online payment, you are automatically redirected to a page secured by Crédit Agricole (SSL encryption). The information you enter on this page (the number and expiry date of your credit card) is only known to Crédit Agricole computers, which will ensure that your credit card is valid. Thus, the information provided is neither known by our staff nor by any other Internet user.

When you are about to enter your credit card numbers, a small padlock is displayed at the bottom of your browser. It tells you that you are in a safe space; (https://) and that all information you enter will be encrypted.

The order validated by the customer will only be considered effective when the bank payment centers concerned have given their agreement. In the event of refusal by said centers, the order will be automatically canceled and the customer notified by e-mail. has an account at Crédit Agricole and an E-transactions contract accepted on the basis of eligibility criteria to ensure good business practices and our financial sustainability. In addition, Crédit Agricole is a member of the FEVAD (Federation of Distance Selling Companies) for the E-transactions offer.

This allows you to make your purchases on the Internet using your bank card in a secure and confidential manner by Crédit Agricole, being assured that your transaction is recorded by a real shop, offered by a merchant with the full confidence of Crédit Agricole.

Use of Visa/Mastercard/Paypal

With E-transactions you will have to enter your card number, this will never circulate unencrypted on the Internet, and will not be transmitted to the merchant site during the purchase, but to the E-transactions server of Crédit Agricole. It will also not be stored on this server when the payment is completed.

MusikMachine also offers secure PayPal payment for your purchases on, so you can pay for your purchases on the site by:

> Bank cards: Visa, Mastercard and National Bank Card

> PayPal account

At the time of payment, you are redirected to PayPal's secure server.

PayPal is secured by SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) with an encryption key length of 128 bits in order to more effectively protect all data related to means of payment.

The information relating to your bank card (number, expiry date and visual cryptogram of the card) is sent directly to PayPal and does not pass at any time in clear on the Internet network.

MusikMachine does not know your bank details and does not store them.

By Bank Wire

A transfer corresponding to the total amount of the order must be made to the account of the company RV Twenty-One, owner of the site, within 10 days of your order. Please indicate the order number in the subject of the bank transfer.
The bank details required for the transaction are as follows:

- Account holder: RV Twenty-One SARL
- Account number: 61158402000
- RIB key: 29
- Bank code: 18306
- IBAN: FR76 1830 6002 1661 1584 0200 029
- SWIFT address: AGRIFRPP883

The final validation of the order is subject to receipt of the transfer of the amount corresponding to the total amount, in €uros, of the order.

Any costs due to the transfer, whatever their nature or origin, are entirely the responsibility of the customer.

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