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The evolution of British rock from the 60s to today!

The evolution of British rock from the 60s to today!

The evolution of British rock from the 60s to today!

It was the end of the Second World War and this liberation from the United States that would push many English teenagers to fall in love with everything to do with America, and music was no exception.

After more or less happy beginnings with a backdrop of blues, soul and rock'n'roll inspirations, it was not until the year 63 that English rock groups from Liverpool, Manchester or London appeared on the screen. the Beatles and the Rolling Stones of course, but also the Who, Animals or Manfred Mann to name but a few.

It is above all the two groups led by Paul McCartney on the one hand and Mick Jagger on the other who are doing well and becoming real phenomena. The first rock stars and the first real compositions of rock music and melodies were born.

How was English rock transformed under the hippie impulse at the end of the 1960s?

The Monterey Festival, in 1967, definitely sounded the death knell for Beat Music to anchor itself in more colorful styles and rhythms. This is the time when British rock bands adopt a very psychedelic look that also transpires in their music.

The decades that followed will see this period play a huge role in musical resonance, especially across the Channel where rock will take on various dimensions and harmonies over the years.

British rock will continue to evolve, making many emulators such as Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, and the beginnings of heavy metal, followed by the beginnings of progressive rock by Pink Floyd.

The eras and influences will then follow one another with the Garage Rock of The Sonics, then the Proto Punk according to The Stooges or New York Dolls, the glam rock of Queen and the essential David Bowie until the beginning of the 80s.

The 90s would see the appearance of British Pop from Oasis and Blur.

The first wave of English rockers of the sixties played a determining role for all these generations which succeeded them to remain still today the reference of the British rock with groups such as Arctic Monkeys or Coldplay.

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